Czechoslovak Philatelic Society
of Great Britain

Committee Members and Contact Information

Contact Details for the Committee members are as follows:




Mr. Rex A. Dixon FRPSL



Hon Publications Officer


 Rex Dixon.jpg (thumbnail)



Mr Colin W Spong FRPSL



Life President


 Colin Spong.jpg (thumbnail)



Mrs Yvonne Wheatley FRPSL



Hon Treasurer

Yvonne Wheatley.jpg (small thumbnail)



Mr. Roger Morrell


    Roger Morrell.jpg (thumbnail)

Mr. Robert J. Allard

Hon Packet Secretary

Bob Allard.jpg (thumbnail)

Mr. Tony Moseley



Committee Member

Tony Moseley.jpg (thumbnail)

Mr. Robert McLeod

Hon Press Officer & Webmaster

 Bob McLeod.jpg (thumbnail)

Mrs. D. Lindy Bosworth FRPSL

Hon Librarian

Lindy Bosworth.jpg (thumbnail)

Mr. Peter G. Williams

Hon Auction Secretary

   Peter Williams (thumbnail)


Mr. Hans van Dooremalen

Vice Chairman & Hon Membership Secretary

  Hans van Dooremalen (thumbnail)

Mr. Alan Soble


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Mr Richard Wheatley FRPSL

Committee Member & Advertising Manager

 Richard Wheatley.jpg (thumbnail)

 Mr Colin Smith

Committee Member


Mr Garth Taylor

Committee Member

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Mr. Tony J.Bosworth FRPSL

Hon Accounts Examiner (including auction)


Mr. Reg F. Hounsell

Hon Accounts Examiner (Packet)